Tuesday, 7 May 2013

A blast from the recent past: Malifaux Resurrectionists

I was poking around on Facebook tonight and I saw that a few of my old gaming buddies from out west are starting to get into Malifaux.  It got me thinking about the game again and I hauled out my figs to have a look at them.

Malifaux is probably the game I played the most last year.  I think it's an amazing and amazingly balanced game system with fantastic figures, terrific art, cool background and a unique game play mechanic that actually adds something to the game rather than just being a gimmick.  I always seem to choose to inject a little horror into my fantasy games so I went with the Resurrectionists starting out.

My first choice for a Master was Seamus.  I picked Seamus because I thought he was the best looking figure the Resurrectionists had and it turned out his rules were pretty good too.  Like all Resurrectionist masters he is extremely durable but of the original 3 he is also the one capable of dealing out the most damage, on more than one occasion he has single handedly taken out an opposing master in a single round!  Pictured alongside Seamus is the Copycat Killer who is a hilariously awesome model in his own right and can change the outcome of an encounter with one well timed shot.

The Seamus starter box also included Madame Sybelle and her Rotten Belles.  For all the cool models I've seen from my opponents when playing Malifaux, most of which are better painted than mine, the thing that always seems to draw the most attention from passers by in game stores are the Belles.  "Are those zombie prostitutes?"...."Yes, yes they are".

Straddling the line between Seamus as a living necromancer and the mindless Belles is Molly.  Molly was featured prominently in the background material in the first book but wasn't introduced as a model until the first supplement released.  With Molly I tried to do a bit more weathering to convey her nature because she is a lot more intact than the Belles but I think I went too far, before I play Malifaux again I will probably clean up her paint job a little.

Although Seamus is my favourite Resurrectionist master he isn't the only one I played with regularly last year.  Dr Douglas McMourning got almost as much table time as Seamus.  McMourning is a cross between Victor Frankenstein and The Joker, I almost painted his hair green but decided against it.  McMourning has a selection of nurses and orderly-types available to him in addition to his constructed creatures.  My favourite McMourning sidekick is his 'pet' chihuahua, the chihuahua has a rule called "backup materials" just in case the good doctor hasn't been able to collect enough scraps from the battlefield to create his monsters.

And last (for tonight) but not least we have the Flesh Constructs.  These are big powerful creatures who can dole out a lot of damage and attract a lot of attention from your opponents.  In addition to being able to purchase them for your force McMourning can also create them during the course of the game out of extra body part he might find laying around.

That's my first look at my Resurrectionists.  I've got a bunch of the more generic stuff in my fig case as well as a few of the newer figures I haven't gotten around to finishing yet  might show later.  Let me know what you think.


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