Wednesday, 8 May 2013

This week in hobby A.D.D. presents....more ladies for Seamus!

I was plugging away today assembly line painting 20 skeletal zombie pirates for Project Scrapheap but then a funny thing happened; every time I looked over to my right to pick up my coffee I couldn't help but notice 2 Dead Doxy models for Malifaux that would look great if I finished them and added them to the stuff I showed yesterday.  So my skeletal zombie pirates (who I must say have been very patient with all the waiting) moved slightly over so I could get these 2 figures painted.

One of the things that the Resurrectionist force in Malifaux does really well that I wish more undead themed armies would do in miniature games is include figures elements that are clearly stolen from other forces in the game.  Obviously it's great that they include tons of interesting stuff of their own but units like Guild Autopsies, Crooked Men & Dead Doxies are not only interesting in their own right but have the added the narrative appearance that your necromancers aren't fresh from school with some new stuff but that they are making do with the materials at hand.

Of those 3 units the Dead Doxies are by far my favourite.  They fit very well into a themed Seamus force and they have some background fluff to tie them in nicely.  In addition they have the 'Belle' keyword so they work really well with an existing collection of models without have to shoehorn in new rules to include them in combos.

I'm looking forward to using these in any game but I really want them to hit the table against a Collette crew just for the "this could happen to you" factor.

All right, back to Project Scrapheap, no more distractions......say is that a Rafkin The Embalmer figure......


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