Saturday, 4 May 2013

Project Scrapheap: Harrower (WIP)

My return to Project Scrapheap tonight has me taking on the most daunting but also potentially the most satisfying piece in the force, The Harrower.

I mentioned previously that everything I was using in Project Scrapheap had for one reason or another been something I didn't use the first go around with Warmachine.  In the Harrower's case it wasn't due to the rules (which I think are awesome) or the model (which looks cool) but the packing that kept it from making the cut.  When I originally purchased The Harrower it was missing a leg and unfortunately it took long enough to get a replacement that by the time it arrived I had moved on from Warmachine and was playing Malifaux.

So far I'm tremendously satisfied with how the Harrower looks.  It's a cool piece with tons of character and even in a world of steam-powered magical robots this one stands out as something unique.  I am definitely looking forward to using it on the tabletop.  Having said that I have also decided that this will be the last metal warjack I buy/paint/assemble.  I'm not swearing off Warmachine or anything crazy like that but this model was a nightmare to build and I'm convinced if I pack it to take to a game it will bust into a million pieces.  Fully assembled there are 7 pins inserted into the model holding it together, which for a model with only 13 pieces seems excessive, and the legs are glued into holes drilled into the base due to their narrow contact points.  Plastic is the way of the future anyway so it's not like I'm making any grand pronouncement here but I figured I'd put it in print so that if I get tempted to stray into the realm of insanity again someone can use this blog to talk me down.

Hopefully tomorrow the Harrower will be finished and I can get the zombie pirates done in the next week.


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