Wednesday, 29 May 2013

I'M BACK!!!  Also, look at this werewolf!

Hi all.  First up big thanks to my friend Dave for "unpooping" my computer (I'm assuming I'm still good on these technical terms?).  Looks like everything is back up and running fine so over the next couple of days I should be posting extra-regularly to get caught up on all the stuff I failed to post last week.

One of the quickie little side-projects I managed to get done last weekend was basing up the werewolf that my friend Carmin painted for the Secret Santa painting event that Strategies Games & Hobbies ran in Vancouver over Christmas.  I decided to base the werewolf to match my existing Malifaux/Warmahordes/Helldorado figures as I will probably be using a selection of these figures to play some Chaos In Carpathia shortly.

To that end work has continued on my Garden Of Morr and a few more undead pirates are done.  All that and some cool Frankenstein figures should be appearing here in the next day or two....stay tuned.


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