Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Iron-Man Mk7

I'm not sure I can even call this figure a "touch up"; I popped him off his Clix base, re-attached him to a standard 25mm base, coated the top, varnished and done!

I've gotten a lot of Iron-Man Heroclix over the years but it wasn't until the Avengers movie set that they felt like they scaled right with my other figs.  The thing I like best about this figure (which is from the Iron-Man 3 movie set) is that he came with a metallic red (rather than flat red) paint job.  I think he looks terrific and if I ever game with a 21st century Avengers team he's definitely ready to rock!

Now I just need to scrounge up one of the new Iron-Patriot figures (that the fig from this set I REALLY want).

I'll be back tomorrow with more Malifaux and/or Project Scrapheap!


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