Thursday, 23 May 2013

Project Scrapheap: Revenant Crew (10/20)

My Revenant Crew are now at the half-way point!  With the first 10 models done they are beginning to feel like a proper unit for gaming.

With my first 9 trooper models I've gone with some fairly bold and assorted colours to capture a motley pirate feel but the next 9 models are attired more as if they were wearing uniforms.  So I'm hoping that when they all stand together it will create 2 good looking units.

Some fairly simple colour choices here.  Bone, brushed over with white and then a light brown wash followed by a light drybrush of white over top, Deneb Stone for the shirts and then a primary colour for each of the trouser/bandanna combos.  The only colours that will continue to re-occur and tie all the models together will be the bone and the weapons.

I've also finally started working on my Garden Of Morr so I have some cool undead themed scenery for my Warmachine and Malifaux games!


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