Saturday, 18 May 2013

Nicodem & Rafkin

Another quick side-step back through the breach.

When I was starting up my McMourning crew last year my plan was to have as many models who could farm corpse/body part counters in the starting force and then to create the rest of what I needed once the game had started.  To this end I always used Sebastian and Mortimer and it had been my intention to add Rafkin but I didn't get the model until I had moved away from Malifaux and was playing other games.

Having circled back I decided to paint up Rafkin for when  I start playing again and while I was at it I thought I should finally paint Nicodem (Nicodem is one of the Wyrd models I had bought before Malifaux even existed as a game so he's been waiting for paint for YEARS).

Nicodem was a super-basic paint job.  I basically painted him a very dark grey and then applied a couple of layers of black washes.  After that I just picked out some details and he was basically done.  The paint job in the rule book was much more elaborate but as nice as it looked it didn't actually fit the description of the character in the background.  I'm still not sure if he'll see tabletop action anytime soon but I'm happy I finally got off my butt and painted him.

I spent more time on Rafkin but the truth is I found him a lot more difficult to paint.  One of the things I have really liked about all the Wyrd models I have bought is that the detail s really crisp and easy to pick out.  I found that Rafkin was a little sloppy (which I think is intentional) and because he's not as bulky as a lot of the other figures it was harder to tell where some textures ended and others began.  I'm still happy with how he turned out overall though.

Tomorrow it's back to the seven seas for more undead pirate action!


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