Monday, 6 May 2013

An (almost) original superhero character!

I've been toying around lately with doing some complete repaints on Heroclix models as well as painting a few other "generic" supers from the ground up to create some new characters for RPGs and Supersystem.

My first kick at the can is a repaint from the Superman set for Heroclix.  This character was meant to be a generic Kryptonian soldier and although he is completely repainted from head-to-toe he didn't require any conversion work as he didn't have any distinguishing characteristics.  It was great for me that I ended up with this fig as right off the bat I could picture a new paint job and the background that went along with it.

During James Robinson's run on WildC.A.T.S. (a Wildstorm comic which is now part of DC New 52 continuity) he scripted a side story called Team 1.  Team 1 was effectively a faux silver age superteam comprised of somewhat familiar characters (although using different names) in the guise of an earlier generation of cold-war era heroes.  One of those character was John Colt who was the living predecessors to the Spartan android from WildC.A.T.S.  John Colt was a Kherubim soldier (Kherubim warlords have a power set similar to Superman, Wonder Woman, etc) who passed himself off as a Captain America style patriotic hero.  The character has a typically convoluted back story as do most comic heroes (he was a good guy, he died heroically, wasn't really dead, became a villain, except he wasn't, cloned, re-born as a cyborg, etc, etc) but I thought if I needed a generic PL10 Paragon character for DC Adventures or somebody to join up with USAgent and Iron Patriot in a Supersytem game he could be the son of John Colt or something similar.

I'm also considering making a new Supersystem team with John Colt Jr as the leader.  I've already started on another team member from the same set, just have to see if I keep up the momentum.

I also painted another figure today, a Space Hulk Terminator, but I'm going to refrain from posting a photo until the fig gets to the person I painted it for (the price of my lost painting bet).


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