Monday, 12 November 2012

Fall Of The Necromancer: Part Two

It looks like all did not in-fact go according to plan tonight.  I've got Thranduil and the 3 Sentinels done but my 4 remaining archers are nowhere near table-top ready.  I'm going to spend another hour on them tonight before I call it quits and try to get them finished but I've got an early start to my day tomorrow so if I can't finish tonight it looks like 4 of my metal wood elf archers from the Fellowship Of The Ring days will have to stand in.  I'm definitely hoping to avoid that because they don't match my new paint scheme and I think my painting has improved a little bit in the last 10+ years so my old figs look a little 'flat' next to my newer ones.

No matter which archers hit the table tomorrow I'm sure the game will be awesome and I'm really looking forward to finally getting back to LOTR which has been my favourite GW game since it's release.


Wood Elf Sentinels

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