Monday, 26 November 2012

Fall Of The Necromancer: The second mustering

Back with more elves for scenario 2 of our Fall Of The Necromancer campaign.  This time I've painted a dozen Galadhrim Warriors (armoured wood elves) who will be standing in for the plastic High Elves that are supposed to make up Elrond's forces.

The Galadhrim are really nice armoured elf figures that I was happy to paint and I'm looking forward to adding another 12 a bit later on in the campaign.

We should be playing our second game tomorrow night when either I will continue pushing the forces of evil back or Stan will avenge his earlier loss and prevent more of my elves from living to see the end of their age and the beginning of the age of men.


Galadhrim with elven blades
Galadhrim with elven spears
Galadhrim with elven bows


  1. Battle Report, Battle Report, Battle Report everyone chant with me...

  2. Sorry D.

    I'm afraid the real world crept in and I ended up having to postpone my game. Hopefully I'll have a game to report next week.