Friday, 30 November 2012

The long cyber-arm of the law

Work continues on my new Enforcer team for Necromunda.  Kind of a strange outcome to my painting for that today though.   I had planned on giving all of my troopers the white helmets I typically reserve for the riot squads in my Arbites army just to brighten up the overall look of the figures and provide more contrast but the figure I painted today is the cyber-mastiff handler and he doesn't wear a helmet, so he looks much darker than I had planned.

The cyber-mastiff handler is a nice addition to the Enforcer/Arbite range because it gives them their first genuinely new looking model in decades.  That being said I have built 3 of these previously and was never happy with how they turned out.  I always found that the weapon hands that were available always ended up making the figure look like a Proctor who had left his coat at home.  This time rather than going for the min-max weapon hand choices I simply gave him a bolt pistol in one hand and a cyber hand snipped from an older heroclix model on his other hand.  Obviously a second weapon or a riot shield would have been far more advantageous but I think this looks alot better and more natural.


Have you seen my dog?

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