Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Fall Of The Necromancer: Scenario 1

It looks like miniatures and paints have been joined at last by dice and tape measures.

Stan and I got together and played our first LOTR game the other night and it was a blast!  We were both a little rusty on the rules but I was able to restrict my screw-ups to one per turn so it didn't go too badly at all.  In the first scenario Thranduil and a force of his wood elves encounter a group of monsters in the forest and it is basically a sudden fight for survival.  The winner is simply the player who drives off or kills his opponent's force.

The forces are set.
My elves have moved into position (or so I think) and Stan's bats and first (of four) spiders have arrived on the scene.
Let battle commence!
After a decent first round of shooting on my part tempered by some slight cowardice on the part of 1 of my elf warriors and 1 of my sentinels the forces of darkness advance to first contact.  I was supremely confident in my superior Fight value until Stan reminded me that the bats halve my fight value.
Time to nut-up or shut-up. I'm in trouble.  Six of my initial sixteen models are out of the fight, if I lose 2 more I'll be getting hammered potentially taking 2 Courage tests next turn.  And fleeing is brutal on a 2' table.  If only I had some special ability I'd been forgetting to use for the first 3 turns.....
Victory from the jaws of defeat!
So after my moments of panic about how quickly I could be made to flee off of a small table surface I realized that my Sentinels songs can push my opponents around the board if they are the cowardly sorts like spiders and bats.....I was able to drive off 1 stand of Bats and 1 Giant Spider and then use the room it openned up to trap and kill Stan's remaining spiders.
All in all a fantastic (and really close) game.  I'm looking forward tp playing through the rest of the campaign and I'm working on some more elves to bolster my forces in the coming weeks.
Thanks for checking in and I hope everybody's enjoying my hobby rambling and dodgy photography.


  1. You do realize, now that you’ve posted scenario one, you need to follow up with all the other scenarios from the book. YOUR READERS DEMAND IT!

  2. I have it on good authority that a copy of that book will be on it's way to me shortly :) So I should be better prepared for the rest of the scenarios and Stan and I are planning to play through the whole campaign.

  3. It looks like your wood elves are setting themselves up to charge my crotch in the first pic. That is more or less how it felt when you nixed two spiders in one turn.

  4. Ah, the old patented one-two to the crotch with can't go wrong with the classics....I got that maneuver from Sun Tzu.