Friday, 9 November 2012

Pulp City - Deadeye & Vigilantes

Back in Pulp City (which I suddenly realized last night could easily be made out of my Plasticville buildings!) there's a new hero on the street; Deadeye!

In Pulp City there are a number of different hero and villain factions, the heroes from yesterday's post are all members of the team Heavy Metal, in addition there are also freelancers who can fight on their own or join up with other teams.  Today's hero is a freelancer named Deadeye.

I was first drawn to the Deadeye miniature because the short hair and cybernetic arm immediately reminded me of Cable who was one of my favourite comic characters from the 90s but what really sealed the deal was at the time I bought him I was playing in a low powered superhero RPG that made his henchmen ideal player character figures.

I also (finally) finished Solar another hero who was actually in the very first Pulp-City pack I ever bought but I just hadn't gotten around to him until recently.

I'm hoping in the next week or two to vary up the content here on the blog by including a battle report of some sort....keep watching this space!


Deadeye & Vigilantes
(insert your own "Batman" joke here)

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