Friday, 23 November 2012

The first of many (I hope) civilians

I have always used miniatures in role-playing to help sell each scene a bit more but the one thing that has always been lacking is civilian/bystander models.

When I started playing RPGs many moons ago most encounters happened in dungeons, or tombs, or abandonned space ships and what not so it made perfect sense for there to be no panicky civilians around generally milling about and making "heroes" rethink things like automatic weapons fire and area attacks.  But now that I'm doing some modern gaming as well as some superhero gaming (where saving the innocent is generally the name of the game) I find myself needing an assortment of generic unarmed civilian types to become the crowd that the group needs to be careful not to injure or kill while they're being saved.

This is another area where Heroclix models really came through.  Over the past several years they have begun inserting 'secret identity' figures (like Peter Parker, Clark Kent, etc) in their sets as well as adding in non-powered supporting characters (like Mary Jane Watson, Rick Jones, etc) so they have quite a variety of figures to choose from.

I just finished touching up my my first 3 tonight and I think they're great.  Unless you're a Heroclix collector or die-hard comics fan it's unlikely you would recognize any of these figures for who they were originally supposed to be.  I'm hoping to get atleast a dozen of these types of figures done before Christmas so I have a decent selection by the time my first DC Adventures game hits the table.

"Gee, I hope no one throws a bus at us today"


  1. Cronoscope range of minis from REAPER has some fun civilian types. My fav: Townsfolk: Geeks.

  2. Good call D.

    Obviously I love that Chronoscope range (as you know) I might give a couple of those packs a try.