Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Space Facists!

Watching Iron Sky tonight was a great reminder that every gamer, whether they play miniature games or RPGs needs a selection of pseudo-Nazis in their miniature collection.

A while back I started on a painting project comprised of a mix of Wargames Factory Greatcoat Troopers, Warzone Bauhaus figures and Urban Mammoth Viridians to make up a generic space facist army for whatever I needed them for.  I finished 18 of the Greatcoats several months back and dug out another 18 to finish up over the last few days.

The paint scheme is very basic and I probably spent as much time on the basesas I did on the figures themselves but overall I'm still very satisfied with them and my first 18 troopers have already appeared in 3 separate and entirely unrelated games. should all watch Iron Sky


Hello boys, you look friendly., not so friendly then?


  1. now i have to watch iron sky again /sigh

    have you seen the new lawmasters preview up on the mongoose kickstarter page?

  2. God I love that movie. I may need some Space Fascists now. Wonder if I can fit them into a Star Wars RPG . . .

  3. Hi Brad. I have seen the new Lawmasters, I should probably finish the 10 I have before getting any of the newer version though :)

  4. The real question Jordan is whether or not your Star Wars RPG is already overstocked with space-facists. Incidentally I have a box full of Storm Troopers and Clone Troopers just sitting here if you need some for your game.

  5. Hehe. Were those pictured taken with your phone computer?

  6. Funny you should mention that Dave.
    These pictures were taken with an actual (supposedly proper) camera. What's funny is I forgot to bring my camera with me to my first LOTR game so I used my phone's camera and I'm pretty sure those picures turned out better.

    I really don't understand technology.