Sunday, 18 November 2012

Ms. Marvel

My goal with superhero models over the next few weeks will be to focus on characters I can use for my DC Adventures game but I had 1 figure from the recent Avengers set I really wanted to get finished; Ms Marvel.

Ms. Marvel has been one of my favourite comic book characters of the last few years for the same reasons I really like Captain Atom in the DC Animated stuff, having a superhero who is also a serving member of their nation's military seems to give a great jumping off point for interactions with other characters in the comics.  It always seems interesting (and usually funny) to me when a bunch of people who have collected themselves together to serve the common good then seem to immediately start disagreeing over whether or not that requires autonomy or structure.

Don't really need this figure for anything right now.  Just think the character is great and I love the model so why not?


Ms. Marvel reporting for duty.

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