Saturday, 24 November 2012

This time a blast from the blast gets new life.

A few months ago I was playing an Arbites officer in a 40K rpg game and decided that even though I had a pretty decent sized collection of Arbites and Enforcer models already painted I would paint up a new figure and put a little extra effort into him.  For the same game I painted up a Cyber-Mastiff that sadly ended up never getting used but was fun to do anyway.

Fast forward to this morning when I somehow talked my way into playing in a Necromunda game I wasn't actually invited to (sorry Chris, in hindsight that seems a bit rude on my part) and again I decided that rather than putting together a selection of my painted models I would use these 2 figures as a jumping-off point to paint up a new Enforcer team for Necromunda.

In addition when I pulled out the figure case I have my Arbites in I also found my Judge model in there which I thought would be cool to showcase because everytime I see Arbites being discussed on various forums people always seem to be looking for good ideas for Judge models.

Proctor & Cyber-mastiff
The Judge

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