Friday, 16 September 2016

Back to the future for more Warzone!

During my lunch break today I built my next Warzone unit; the Imperial Special Forces.

Prodos makes a number of specific special forces units but they also produce this generic special forces box to represent all of their lesser known elite units.  The weird part of the experience for me with this box is that I found the trenchers from the starter box to fit together extremely well and these guys were a lot more fussy and were not at all easy to get together in spite of having the same basic fits and builds as the trenchers.

These guys will probably end up being a bit of a speed painting project as I really want to get past them and get to my unit of Blood Berets and Blood Beret themed Doomtroopers.

So now that I've built theses I have about 5 separate projects on my desk fighting for my attention.  I'm as curious as you all are to see what I actually put paint to next...


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