Tuesday, 6 September 2016

There's only room for one dandy on this team....

If you understood that title you read the same comics I do.

I finally finished up the Mad Hatter today.  I'm pretty stoked because much like Bane the Hatter can be a member of the Secret Six but he is also the leader of his own gang (The Wonderland Gang).

Mad Hatter is very likely to end up in any version of the Secret Six I play with for the next little while.  Until more Secret Six members become available the Hatter's low recruitment cost should keep him in my warbands.

I'm a bit torn right now.  I've got Captain Boomerang on my desk as well as the Guardians Of The Galaxy and I'm also trying to sculpt a Pip-boy onto an Infinity miniature so it might be back to hobby A.D.D. for me.


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