Sunday, 25 September 2016

Speaking of projects that just linger....

So about a year ago a friend and I split a Deathstorm box and decided to play through the mini-campaign.

To be clear my share of the box was a total of 12 models, and there were a  grand total of THREE scenarios to play.  A lot of different things got in the way (work, life, endless scheduling conflicts) but after nearly a year away from 40K we're going to do our best to play scenario 2 this week.

The first scenario featured 1st Company Captain Karlaen and a squad of Terminators racing across the table through an unending gauntlet of Genestealers.  The first scenario went incredibly badly for me as not only did I get unbelievably bad die rolls with Captain Karlaen himself (he was a disaster!) but I very nearly broke the model when I dropped it removing it from the table.

For the second scenario Karlaen is trapped under a fallen statue being defended by his Terminator squad while the forces of the hive-mind advance.  Basically the Karlaen miniature isn't even used, he is the scenario objective.  The Terminator squad on their own would be completely overrun by the forces arrayed  against them but their job is not to defeat the hive, their job is to hold the line until their rescue force arrives.  The rescue force is the proverbial 'sharp end' of the Blood Angels; the Death Company.

Today I need to get 6 models (that to be fair are 75% flat black) done.  If I don't get this done my man-card my remain intact but if there's a hobbyist-card I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to turn that in.

One of the struggles of being  a hobbyist with a child is fitting in time to get painting done.  However when your daughter wakes you up at 6am on a Sunday because she wants someone to go downstairs to watch cartoons with her you have some time early in the day to get some work done.  To that point Cassor The Damned got finished early this morning.

Cassor is the Death Company's dreadnought and features prominently in the supporting fiction for the Deathstorm supplement.  I'm really excited to try Cassor not only in Deathstorm but against other forces as well.  I've always chosen shooting space marine units rather than close-combat  units so I'm both eager and curious to see what a close-combat monster like this can do.

During the Jays game today/now I'm going to try to get the 5 men of the Death Company squad done.

Wish me luck!


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  1. Now that I look back through my blog it's actually been a year and a half