Monday, 26 September 2016

Best laid it done anyway

Yesterday I thought I had a pretty wide-open day to get some painting done and then life rode in and made a mockery of my reasonable timeline.  I ended up working for a bit on my day off, my wife was ill so I ended up taking care of her and then helped my daughter with a project.

I did however get some time to paint in between life-things and managed to finish my Death Company.

I've got to say if you're one of those hobbyists who ever stayed away from a Games Workshop model because it had too many skulls OR too many gem stones; the Death Company models may not be for you.

I built my Death Company as pictured on the box art with one minor change.  As I may have mentioned before in one of my posts one of my weird/personal pet peeves with Assault Marines is when they have the jump pack but do not have the jump pack harness.  So I substituted the Death Company torsos with Assault Marine torsos.

Two replacement sergeants and that brings my Blood Angels collection to 2000 points!