Friday, 16 September 2016

This is what hickory maple vengeance looks like!

Tonight I finally finished the main man, Napoleon himself.  I had been debating for awhile now just how big and bad to make him (power armour?  some kind of mecha suit?  use a figure twice the size of normal?) but eventually I realized I was moving from fun and humorous to overly cartoony and decided to just go with an over-sized pig-man, with over-sized gear.

I'm pretty happy with how Napoleon turned out and he fits nicely with Snowball (the pig-man with minigun from awhile back) so even after his one-shot appearance in my current This Is Not A Test campaign he could get use again down the road.

I believe this will bring about an end to my wacky manimal shenanigans for now.  Its been tons of fun but it might be time to switch gears for my future This Is Not A Test games.


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