Monday, 19 September 2016

You know those projects that just linger?

Lately there have been a few larger scale games I have been wanting to play but I keep failing to launch on getting larger projects done.  Inspiration hit me tonight and while digging out figure cases I caught a lucky break on another larger project I want to do.

First up: Adeptus Arbites
I've been a huge fan of the Arbites for pretty much as long as they've existed.  Over the years I had collected a decent sized force but always felt like they weren't quite right.  Then earlier this year Games Workshop released their awesome Sector Imperialis bases and I got excited about updating the look of my existing models.  I will be re-basing my entire Arbites collection but it was also a reminder that 5 of my squads need new Proctors to lead them, so before I start re-basing these 5 models are going to see some paint.

I can't wait to get this done as I think once I start re-basing it will make my mid-80s collection looks very millennial.

Next: Konflikt 47 by way of Secrets Of The Third Reich
I assembled my first squad of Weird War Brit troopers awhile back but never got very enthusiastic about them.  No real reason why, just couldn't get energised to apply some paint.  While digging out my Arbites I came across 20 troopers I had started painting years ago (around 8 years ago I think) that captured the right flavour and were already started.

This should make my entry point into Konflikt 47 a little bit easier if I can just find a few more figures.  The big challenge in using theses figures for Konflikt is that the squad structure in Secrets Of The Third Reich is ridiculously Bren-gun heavy so as it stands I will need to replace about 4 of my Bren armed troopers with Sten guns or Enfield rifles.  Hopefully I've got at least one pack of what I need hiding in the depths of my basement.

Let's see where these new projects take me.


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