Thursday, 1 September 2016

A boy and his dog....sort of, but not really

Back to post-apocalyptica!

With the shipping on the horizon for This Is Not A Test I wanted to get the last of my official Worlds End Publishing  models done before the next batch shows up in my mailbox.
Today's addition is Johnny Atomic wasteland-DJ (which is officially the coolest job title I've ever heard in my life!).  I mentioned a while back when I painted Gas-Mask Girl that she was "one" of the semi-official mascots for This Is Not A Test, Johnny Atomic is the other.

As a rule when I buy models from a smaller company (not to mention at a totally reasonable price) I'm really looking for 'good enough' in terms of the depth of detail and the textures and details in general.  Johnny retails for $6.50 US and I have to say he has a level and crispness of detail that is on par with the best metal models I have ever bought.

As part of my ongoing collection of animal-human hybrids for This Is Not A Test and Gamma World I found a bunch of Rifts models at a flea market my friend Spencer turned me onto.

I'm currently weighing three different options for additions to the Colonel's Revenge and a psionic golden retriever is one of the choices I'm considering.  I'm not sure if this figure will get used soon or not but regardless I'm super happy to have it done and it scratched a real nostalgia itch for me painting a Rifts miniature.



  1. Looks great Jay. Looking forward to getting mine complete as well.

    1. Thanks very much Chris!
      I guess you and I are running through projects in reverse order. When the KS ships I'll be starting Peacekeepers :)