Thursday, 27 December 2012

2012 - The Year in Review

I'm getting my new photo area set up and haven't gotten a ton of painting done in the last week so I thought I'd share some general thoughts and musings about what I've been doing gaming and blog-wise the last year and lay out a map for where I hope to go in 2013.

I started this blog on September 22nd and said I would try to update 3-4 times per week.  Some weeks have been better than others but after 96 days I have posted 81 times (not counting this no-image posting nonsense) so I'm feeling pretty good about the quantity of content so far.
The feedback I've gotten from people has been overwhelmingly positive but the one criticism I've gotten more than a few times is regarding the quality of my photographs; for 2013 my new portable studio and enough space to properly use my tripod are being added to the mix so hopefully there will be an overall improvement there.
Content-wise I'm hoping to post more battle reports (I'm hoping for 1 per month) in 2013 and I'm also aspiring to share house-rules for existing game systems I'm using as well as hopefully (fingers crossed) disrtibuting a set of playtest rules for my own 25mm skirmish gaming system.

I've been all over the map with painting projects in 2012 and there's no reason to think that will change in 2013.  It looks like I am entering into a 50 model painting challenge in early 2013 so that may dominate a week's worth of posts but otherwise I am expecting 50% of my posts next year to be models, scenery & vehicles for 25mm post-apocalyptic skirmish gaming (you can guess why...)

2012 saw me gaming alot in the first half of the year.  I was playing Malifaux almost every week, playing Gamma World, Pathfinder, D&D and Dark Heresey every month and still dabling in other things here and there.  The second half of the year I changed jobs which disrupted my gaming schedule quite alot but it looks like I'll be able to kick off 2013 with alot of gaming new and old systems (DC Adventures, Pathfinder, The Hobbit, Necromunda) and hopefully playtesting as well.

When I started my blog I was hoping to use this as a platform to talk about and get people excited about some gaming and hobby projects that don't currently get alot of coverage on other sites.  I hope some of you have found some good ideas (or atleast avoided some bad ideas) but I'm really hoping to get more feedback in 2013.  To that end I will no longer be posting notifications on Facebook when I post new content in the hopes that a more gaming focussed audience translates into more gaming discussion.  In addition I hope that any of you who would like to see something specific on the blog (product reviews, spotlights on local retaillers, con coverage, etc) will speak up and play a part in getting what you want.

Thanks everybody who's taken the time to check out my little corner of the web.  I always have loved this hobby and always will love this hobby and this blog has been one more (very rewarding) outlet for me to share my hobby with my fellow gamers.

2012 was great and I'm looking forward to an even better 2013!


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  1. Yo dude! Keep up the great work in 2013. You’re my most visited Blog.

    I'd like to see more battle reports, and pictures of people’s crotches in those reports ;>

    I'd also like to see a picture of your photo set up and hear your thoughts about taking pictures of models.

    I'm also hoping you plan to use your blog to discuss the game you are working on.