Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Thanks New 52!

As I do a bit more prep for my DC Adventures game I realized that the whole DC reboot to "New 52" continuity has opened up alot of great possibilities.

In the merger with Wildstorm a bunch of characters have been left unused, which makes them perfect for inclusion in a superhero RPG.  Today I have repurposed another Heroclix model, this time a Marvel Heroclix Luke Cage/Powerman to stand-in as a New 52 version (atleast my New 52 version) of an old Wildstorm character: Jackson Dane.  Now I have a character who can function as my group's patron and has implied but as of yet unestablished ties to a number of teams and individuals in the greater DC Universe.  Using Jackson Dane as the narrative device linking and driving my group also opens up the ability to bring in some non-traditional DC adversaries for my group to deal with...but more on that later.


Jackson Dane powered-down...
...and ready to lead a Wetworks team in the field

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