Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Pan Oceana WIP

This week I'm painting a few figures that I unfortunately won't be posting pictures of until Dec 25th to keep a few people surprised about some Christmas goodies that are coming their way.  I am however also doing up a few odds and ends I thought I'd share so that you have something to look at in the interim.

Today's post is some figures I had started about a year ago and got to a minimum tabletop standard for a few games that I am now going back and finishing up.  These are 6 miniatures from the Infinity game for the Pan Oceana faction.  I had painted a Haqqislam force for Inifinity a few years back but then several of my gaming friends also chose to do Haqqislam so I decided to start a new force.

Hopefully these figures will be finished by the end of the week and I can get started on the next batch.

ORC Trooper, Hacker & Fusilier Lt (WIP)
ORC Trooper, Sikh Commando & Grenadier (WIP)

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