Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Radagast The Brown

The unexpected journey continues today with Radagast The Brown.  Radagast is the extra bonus figure contained in the Escape From Goblin Town box and I was pretty stoked to get him given that I was going to need a Radagast figure for my Fall Of The Necromancer campaign.

Radagast is defintely the most detailled figure in the set and he comes with an extremely well sculpted plastic base.  This interpretation of Radagast is interesting because it deviates so much from the traditional image of a fantasy wizard.  Radagast basically looks like a cross between an absent minded professor and a tree-hugging hippie and I think it works really well to create a distinct and unique character model.  On a side note unrelated to modeling I was also suprised to find out that in The Hobbit Radagast is played by Sylvester McCoy (the 7th Doctor, for Doctor Who fans).

I'm caught up on elves for my Fall Of The Necromancer game so I think I'll paint Bilbo next and then get started on Thorin's Company.  My Hobbit games are still a few months away so I've got time to paint each one like a character model.


Radagast and his loyal companion Sebastian

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