Thursday, 6 December 2012


So depending on your level of comic book fandom your reaction to that name is one of three things:
1.  Catman?  Seriously?  Who the hell is Catman?
2.  Catman?  Why would anyone want a miniature of a lame (and tubby) pastiche villain from the 70's?
3.  Catman?!  That guy kicked ass in Secret Six!

As much as I intend to embrace the New 52 in my DC Adventures game I have two great laments of the passing of the old DC continuity; I miss Stephanie Brown being Batgirl, and I REALLY miss the Secret Six title.  To that end it is very likely that Deadshot, Bane and Catman will be making appearances in my game.

Catman is another Heroclix model that I have touched up and re-based and I have to say this time around the touchups were really minor.  The figure came extremely well painted out of the pack and I just cleaned up some edges and gave it a wash to bring up some detail work that was already on there.


Hero, villain or anti-hero?


  1. Catman? Seriously? Who the hell is Catman?

  2. Darren, I can guarantee if you liked that Garth Ennis Nick Fury series from way back when you will love Catman in the Secret Six.

    Pick up the first trade and I guarantee the scene in the convenience store will make you a lifelong fan.