Thursday, 6 December 2012

A blast from the past, becomes inspiration for the present and maybe even an army for the future.

A while back I was engaged in (and lost) two painting bets with my buddy Darren.  As Darren and I are both men of wealth and taste we choose not to bet things as vuglar as money and instead our currency is a mixture of shame and servitude....

....okay, but seriously.  Darren and I have undertaken some speed painting "bets" in the past where the stakes are that the loser (or losers when there are more participants) will paint a model for the winner.  In one of my lost painting bets we were each painting the contents of a Last Night On Earth board game and Darren managed to beat me by a few hours in our other painting bet we were each painting a Warmahordes force, along with our mutual friend Carmin and Darren was able to use Army Painter's products to get his entire force done in 3 days while my Cryx were less than half done at that point.

As my payment for losing Darren sent me 2 of the awesome Space Hulk Blood Angel Terminators to paint for him.  I recently got back into painting 40K models and another friend Mark came through like a champ and gave me a full set of the Terminators from Space Hulk for my own collection.

I got Darren to send me pics of the two figures I painted for him so I can use them as a template for painting my own models.  Now if I can just stay focused for a few days.....


For the Emperor!


  1. anyone want to enter a speed painting contest with me. I have more space hulk miniatures that need painting.....

  2. I was thinking you, Carmin and I and anyone else who wants to join us should go another round next year.

    What are you guys hoping to paint/play next year?

    1. Next year is about finishing a bunch of started projects for me.
      1. My lender Norman force for SAGA has been dragging on
      2. My bolt-action army, so I can give the rules a shot.
      3. Cthulhu RPG figs various stuff.
      4. 20 more Grave Guard (Using Mantic Revenants). And finish magnetising my VC.

      And what could be the contest.
      5. I need motivation to paint my 3rd 50rat unit for my Skaven.

      Maybe we could make the next challenge; paint 50 rank and file figs.??

    2. I could definitely use 50 more skeles.

    3. carmin said he needed some cultists for his 40k force, so I think he is down.

      we should aim for late Jan early Feb

    4. Hmmm...okay if we're going to do 50 rank and file not system specific and not until early next year how does this sound:
      -Darren; 50 Skaven
      -Carmin; 50 Cultists
      -Me; 50 Hobbit Goblins
      We can hit all 3 GW systems that way.