Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Back through the breach!  A return to Malifaux.

Awhile back I had been playing alot of the Resurectionist faction for Malifaux.  I had always intended to branch out and do up a Leviticus force which I started by repurposing my old Confrontation Aberration, and then I used a painting contest at Hobby Ninja in Oshawa as an excuse to get Killjoy done and I've sort of been in a holding pattern since then.

After showing the Aberration the other day (which I'm using as my Desolation Engine) and getting excited about fantasy-steampunk painting that Cygnar figure I decided to pull out some of my unpainted Malifaux stuff and get back to it.

First up; my first pack of Steampunk Abominations.  These guys are the bread and butter of a Leviticus force and can Voltron together to form into the larger Desolation Engine.

I've got 2 more of these on my painting table as well as a host of other steam-powered robots and undead monsters.  You might be seeing more of these in the near future.


Steam-powered undead!
(photo provided by The Hobby Ninja)

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