Friday, 7 December 2012

Gandalf is my first step on an unexpected journey.

I picked up The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey last weekend on release day and I've been trying to decide how to get started.  It looks like I'll be playing the good side when I start working my way through the campaign but for now I've decided to start off by painting the 2 figures I can use in my Fall Of The Necromancer campaign; Gandalf and later Radaghast.

I haven't kept track but this is probably atleast the 10th Gandalf model I've painted and I've got to say I still really enjoyed it.  The great thing about GWs Lord Of The Rings models is that they have tons of great details like belts, pouches, equipment, etc but they aren't so covered with extra bits and pieces  that they take forever to paint.

I think this Gandalf miniature is great and I'm really looking forward to painting Radaghast either tonight or tomorrow.


Gandalf is off in search of a burglar.

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