Monday, 17 December 2012

Yes....I've decided, it was the best blind pack I ever bought!

So I decided to put the hyperbole machine on hold for a few days and take some time to decide if the Batman blind pack I mentionned a few posts back was in-fact the best blind pack of miniatures I had ever bought and the answer is yes.

As anyone who collects gaming miniatures knows there is always "something" you need in your collection that you just can't get for a variety of reasons; it's a long discontinued fig, it was a convention exclusive, it's an old promotional piece you just didn't qualify for, etc.  My "something" was the worst possible problem; it just plain didn't exist.  Over the years while playing and planning post-apocalyptic and zombie-apocalypse games in particular I have slowly built up a collection of cars that are almost the right scale or close enough to the right scale to pass but I've always known in my heart-of-hearts they weren't really the right scale.  I could live with that with every vehicle in my collection except one; the Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor.  I have managed to get a few of these in 1:43 or 1:48 scale over the years but they're just too big, with other cars you don't notice so much but you can't resist putting your cops right up next to their cars using them as the last barrier before the horde arrives and then it's obvious.  Wheels that come up past a 25mm figs knees, figures who can't see over the roof, car doors as long as your mini is tall, etc.

So when I got my brick of Batman Heroclix figures and pulled this out of the vehicle box I was over the moon happy.  Now my real challenge is to find some Heroclix players who are willing to part with a few more of these beauties.

Oh, and by the way, there were 2 vehicles in the pack.  I'll show you the second one soon.


Police Cruiser (Jill & Leon shown for scale)
Ready to roll!

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