Thursday, 13 December 2012

A blast from the past: re-based, re-used and re-cycled

Quite awhile back a group of friends and I decided to give (at the time) new upstart fantasy skirmish game Confrontation a try.  We were all drawn in by the amazing looking models which hold up extremely well to this day and alot of my friends in backlash against the "big" miniature companies of the day loved that the models boasted free game rules in every blister pack.

Did I mention how awesome looking the models are?  Fantastic, because the rules were (in my opinion) terrible.  For starters they were poorly translated, incomplete and favoured the tactic of whoever has the biggest beat-stick whether it's a monster or a special character wins.  I played a handful of games and then decided that it wasn't the game for me.  None of that ever changed the fact that the models were and still are I kept painting...

Fast forward to now-ish and I've been playing Malifaux.  Malifaux is (again just my opinion) a great game with great models.  I love everything about it, but when it first came along there were gaps in the model range as there always are with new games.  I wanted to do up a Leviticus crew which is basically a combination of necromantic and mechanical abominations but there was 1 figure missing, I needed a giant-undead-steampunk monster as the threat in his force.  This was a great excuse to re-base and touch up my old Confrontation Aberration!

The Aberration is a really nasty looking hybrid of monster and machine that is basically ogre-sized for 28mm games.  So far he's only been to the table twice in games of Malifaux but I'm sure I'll be finding more uses for him soon.


Aberration (front view)
Aberration (side view)

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