Monday, 10 December 2012


I was going to go for a Poe reference but even by my standards that seemed too obvious....

Back to plotting my DC Adventures game and now before I really get down to PCs I'm sort of casting about for characters I may want or need as NPCs but I'm not entirely decided on yet.  In the event that I need a magic-using NPC my first reaction for a go-to would be Zatanna but I know one of my players will call me out on having a pre-new-52 model for that and that is a shame I just can't bear.  So instead I've once again gone into my collection for a character who is still in New 52 limbo; Raven.

I have to assume that eventually Raven will ither find her way into Teen Titans or more likely Justice League Dark (which is an awesome comic by the way), but for now she's available to fill a niche in my RPG campaign.

I'm still working away on my Hobbit stuff but there's probably a few more superheroes in my next few updates because I just got a few more Batman packs with some new characters including a vehicle pack I'm trying to resist calling the best blind pack I've ever bought.  We'll see if tomorrow I show up with a reasonable measured perspective or if I wake up in hyperbole-land.


This figure would also make a terrific sorceress for a fantasy RPG

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