Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Hey look!  More Zombies!

First up I've got to be honest about the pictures of the AMAZING figures you are going to see below; I own them, but I did not paint or convert them.

A few years ago I was doing a table for Canadian Games Day featuring a precinct house full of Adeptus Arbites holding back a horde of zombies.  The table looked pretty good (wish I had pictures of it), my Arbites were decent, and most of the zombies were well done...but there was one batch of 20 zombies that years later still represent the kind of hobby expertise that I aspire to attain one day.

My friend Ryan, who is the owner of Hobby Ninja in Oshawa Ontario converted (sculpted in 2 cases!) and painted these fantastic models.  Typically I've been using my blog to showcase what I have done and what I am working on but I really wanted to show off these fantastic models and give a shout out to Ryan's store which I don't get to game at nearly often enough for my liking.  If you think these figs are as cool as I do swing by Ryan's shop and get the benefit of his friendly advice for yourself.


9 Zombies, mostly stock models, well painted
4 Zombies, more heavily converted (love the old man with the bottle!)
4 more of Ryan's excellent conversions.
Ryan sculpted these himself!

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