Tuesday, 19 February 2013

50 Figure Painting Challenge: Completed (2 of 4)

I put the finishing touches on 13 more of my Mobile Infantry today.  I thought I would wrap these up alot sooner than this but between Shadowrun and Warzone I've been super-distracted in terms of hobby projects lately.

At any rate another 13 are now done and I think it will be back to the distractions tonight!


Group shot


  1. Get the rest done J!

    I'm on to painting War Zone as well. 10 legionares & a Ezogoul. From Siege of the Citadel!

    1. Good stuff D!How about your Bauhaus stuff?

    2. I'll tackle Bauhaus if I get into playing the new Warzone regularly. Painting the bad guys right now cause I think they: will be a fun paint project, possible RPG use, and a starter force for the new rules.