Monday, 4 February 2013

50 Figure Painting Challenge: Day 2

Timing is everything isn't it?  After meandering through my painting projects for most of the last 2 years with no particular goals or deadlines I take on this painting bet and within a few days find myself with commitments to get nearly 100 new models for 2 separate projects done in a fairly short amount of time.  Will this distract me?  Probably.  Will it stop me?  I don't think so.

Tonight I managed to finish my first 13 troopers, apologies for the poor picture quality I took the photo in my painting area not my photo area.  Hopefully tomorrow I'll put up a better picture alongside the next work-in-progress shot.  So basically I'm 25% done (13 done, 39 left) with another 13 figures roughly half done.

If I can just keep my old adversay Hobby A.D.D. from kicking in I should be fine.....


First 13 done!

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