Saturday, 2 February 2013

Standing on the starting line!

Kick-off for the painting challenge is tomorrow!  My 52 troopers are now primed and ready to roll.

I've got a simple plan that should allow me to finish all 52 fairly quickly.  I'll post the timeline for completion once we're actually done, I know that sounds backwards but declaring the pace I'm going to paint at ahead of time seems like a surefire way of losing.

I also managed to complete my last 2 'test' models for the project so I thought I would show those off today as well.

See you tomorrow with my first update!


Just looking for some troops to lead into battle!
Ah, there they are!

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  1. email picture proges after each session.

    These are the rules!

    I want daily up-dates. And I'll be emailing daily updates.