Friday, 22 February 2013

Big Bob Watts

I can't wait and I can't resist...the other night I pulled out my box of remaining unpainted Warzone Capitol models and started working on them.

I've got some Free Marines and Sea Lions I'm doing as ongoing projects (16 Free Marines and 12 Sea Lions so more than a quick session worth of work) but in the meantime I've started doing some of the special character models I never got around to last time.

My favourite thing about Big Bob Watts is that he takes 'heroic' sci-fi figures to the Nth degree, if you're going to have a ludicriously oversized weapon then you should really go for broke!

I'm doing my best at matching the colour scheme with the Capitol models I painted in the long ago time.  When I've got a few done I'll mix them up together and see if they fit.


One man fire support team!
...just in case you were still unclear on the size of those guns.

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