Wednesday, 6 February 2013

50 Figure Painting Challenge: Interlude Two

I decided to do another side-project to my Starship Troopers figures this morning as opposed to getting more work in on my Mobile Infantry.  I've always found these diversions help me keep up a regular painting schedule but while I'm in a race I don't think they're doing me alot of good.  Having said that when the basic figs with rifles are done I'm sure I'll be happy to have some other interesting stuff to supplement them with.

This morning I painted a Neo-Dog which is a cybernetically enhanced dog that is used primarily by Pathfinders in ST but can also be bought as 1 off upgrades.  Mongoose used to sell whole K-9 units but sadly for me all I have is the single Neo-Dog from the 'Heroes Of The Mobile Infantry' box set.

Check back in later tonight for an update on the actual main project.



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