Thursday, 28 February 2013

Mitch Hunter

Today I painted up my second Capitol Doomtrooper; Mitch Hunter.  For most people who have a passing familiarity with the Mutant Chronicles universe Mitch Hunter is the main guy you tend to see on the cover of rulebooks and he has been a staple presence in every game (board, miniature, card, RPG) release.

The figure itself is very cool on it's own merits.  He has loads of gear and pouches so he is a bit more detailled than alot of Warzone figures of his original era but he isn't overdone (as special characters can sometimes be) to the extent that he doesn't fit in with the army he's meant to lead.

I'm very excited about finishing up some of the older Warzone figures I still had kicking around so I can dive whole-hog into the new stuff (which looks excellent) when it comes out.


Doom Trooper/Sea Lion Officer Mitch Hunter

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