Tuesday, 5 February 2013

50 Figure Painting Challenge: Day 3

What was I saying the other day about hobby A.D.D.?
Tonight I SHOULD have been painting my next batch of 13 troopers but instead I got sidetracked and spent a couple of hours converting some figures for an upcoming game.  When I got back to my Mobile Infantry it was much later than I intended.

Long story shory I got 6 more figures almost finished today.  I just have to clean up the black bits and do the eyes.  I should be able to do that in an hour before I leave for work tomorrow.

So at this point (calling those figures "done") I've got 19 figures finished and 33 left to go.  Basically I'm 40% done after 3 days, that's not a bad pace but I doubt it's enough to keep me at the front of the pack.

Hopefully tomorrow will produce a better result and I can keep myself from getting distracted by shinny things.


6 more!

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  1. Hobby ADD? At least you manage to finish models from time to time. I've got much "Hall of Shame" up on my blog, and it's a doozy: