Monday, 18 February 2013

Street Samurai

When I started collecting Hasslefree Miniatures a few years ago with the intent of using them in a modern day survivial horror game there were a few figures that once I got them upclose didn't quite work (in my mind) for my intended purpose.  The great thing about putting that stuff aside and holding onto it until later is that one day it turns out to be exactly the figure you need for a game you didn't even know you were going to play.

Immediately prior to starting this blog last year I pulled out a few dozen unpainted Hasslefree Miniatures to paint and one of them that got put back was 'Grant'.  Grant looks amazing but he was slightly (and only slightly) too high-tech looking for what I wanted.  In fact the major sticking point for me with the figure was that his Ingram MAC-10 looked all modded up in the way I expected an Ingram Smartgun in Shadowrun to look.....

So now I'm looking at jumping back into Shadowrun and after downloading and printing the quick start rules I see I will need a Street Samurai figure who is; bald, armed with an Ingram Smartgun & 2 sidearms.

Welcome back Grant!


Time to sweep the streets!

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