Friday, 15 February 2013

The longcoat of the law

I can always tell when I'm getting manic about a project because I start cranking stuff out faster than I need it and before I've even figured out whether I need it or not.

This morning while I was taking short breaks to let paint and washes dry on my Orc Hacker I used the time it freed up to paint another figure for a potential Shadowrun game.  This figure will make a great detective NPC and I had him laying around with some Rezolution stuff I bought a few years ago.  He's a fairly basic looking guy in a long coat with the exception that he has what looks like some sort of body armour fastened to the front of his coat.

I'm not sure whether I'll need him or not but he seemed too cool not to paint.


Looks a little lightly equipped to stop a group...maybe he needs some friends.
Same guy from the back.  I definitely think the cargo pockets on the coat add a sci-fi feel.

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