Friday, 15 February 2013

Orc Hacker

Apparently I've been big on gaming nostalgia lately (painting Starship Troopers, digging out my Warzone stuff, etc) and now with all the talk about Shadowrun on various forums lately a few friends and I have decided to return to one of our old favourite RPG settings.

Being the miniatures guy in our group I took stock of what I had already done that would work for Shadowrun (quite alot as it turns out) and then I started looking at obvious holes in my miniature collection I would need to fill.  The 2 things it looks like I need that I'm struggling abit to find miniatures for is meta-humans and hackers.

The challenge with meta-humans (Orcs, Elves, Dwarves & Trolls for those of you not familiar with the game) is that although there are a ton of sci-fi meta-human figures out there almost all of them are meant to blend stylistically with Warhammer 40,000 and the look of Shadowrun is more near-future than far-future.  The challenge with hackers is that most of the hacker figures I can find are from the Infinity line which are absolutely amazing models but look a little too slick and polished (in my opinion) for a Shadowrun group.

For my first new figure, which is both a meta-human and a hacker, I settled on a figure I scavenged from a copy of Earth Reborn I got a few years ago with his head removed (it was a human with a gas mask) and replaced with an Orc head from an old D&D prepaint.  He`s still a little more high-tech and slick looking than I would like but he can definitely fit with the system.


Orc Hacker

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