Saturday, 9 February 2013

50 Figure Painting Challenge: Day 6

(Day 6 was yesterday, this should have gone up then)

Back to the Mobile Infantry!  So last night I got another 13 figures done for my MI troopers and got the bases, guns and flesh done for my last 13.  At this point I have 39 finished and my last 13 started, so I am conservatively 75% of the way done.

As I mentionned previously I am happy that this is all moving along but to be perfectly honest so far it's taken me almost exactly twice as long as I thought it would.  My original plan in terms of time frame was going to be to paint 13 figures per day from start to finish but between distractions and real-life creeping in I just haven't been able to keep up the pace I had originally set for myself.

If I keep going at the rate I have been (rather than the rate I was planning) I should be finished late Sunday night...which I have a sinking feeling we give me a second place finish (out of 4 participants).

Once I'm all done I'll post crisper photos of all the figures together.


Getting close to the finish line!


  1. just think of it like pennies jay 1 or 2 rounds down to costing you nothing were as 3 or 4 gets rounded up... so your still in the clear

    1. So Sunday is Saturday.....I like your way of thinking Brad!