Tuesday, 16 October 2012

All around me are familiar faces

So today I went off on another diversion and took a break from my two running projects.  Personally I've always found the best thing about taking a break from a hobby project but still doing painting is that it keeps me from getting bored with long-running projects while still letting me get stuff done.

These 2 figures from Reaper's Chronoscope line (which is awesome for sci-fi, modern and superhero gaming) I bought over a year ago and just never got around to doing anything with.  Looking back I can't honestly even remember if I had an intended use for them or they were just cool figures I knew I'd want for something someday.

Basically these guys are Baird and Cole-train from Gears Of War.  They're cool figures that could be used in lots of different sci-fi settings and I might even try to come up with a use for them in my upcoming Fallout game.

In addition to wrapping up my Fallout stuff I just started prepping models today for an upcoming Pathfinder game I'm planning on running so expect to see some fantasy figures on the blog soon.


I think Cole-train needs a bigger gun.

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