Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Odds and ends

One of the things I have found that happens when you're bouncing back and forth between hobby projects is that you come across things that have been "half-done" for a long time.  Every once in a while it's nice to finish those things off because they don't take much time and they make you feel like you accomplished something.

Today I had 3 half-dones that I decided to finish.
The first was another Hasslefree Survivor, this one is a cop with mini riot shield and baton.  Unfortunatley the pictures didn't turn out at all so I'm all tell and no show on this one.
The second model was my not-Leon Kennedy from Recreational Conflict.  The funny thing about Leon is that this is the figure that convinced me I needed to do an order with Recreational Conflict 3 or so years ago but somehow he was the one figure from the entire order I never got around to finishing.
And lastly I have 2 more zombies from Studio Miniatures that didn't get finished with my last batch.

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The first character I ever played in a Resident Evil video game and still my favourite.
Two more zombettes.

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