Tuesday, 9 October 2012

More mercs for Fallout

Got my next 2 mercs for Fallout done tonight.  I'm really enjoying the mixture of high-tech and low-tech on these models.  I think in my next batch I might do a 1st Recon Sniper from Fallout: New Vegas.

Now that I'm settled on colours and model components I'm able to get these guys done fairly quickly, so I may actually take a break from them for a day or two and then just try to crank out the remaining 16 at one go on my next day off.


Two more mercs for right price!


  1. I really like these two. The Enfields with the combat armour are REALLY Fallout looking (especially 3).

    Have you tried any of the WG Commando bits? They're really good to for like the Beret heads and stuff. :)

  2. Thanks Ash!

    I have 2 boxes of the basic infantry but haven't gotten any of the commandos yet...maybe that will be my Christmas present to myself :)